Saturday, February 19, 2011

High protein, Low Fat and Low Carb....DESSERT!

Soft, silken tofu is one of my favorite ways to lend creaminess and mouthfeel to low-fat foods. It's a great substitute for cream in sauces and mayo in dressings. Its silky texture whips up creamy smooth in the blender. Last week's vodka sauce was a great example of how it can be used to replace cream in sauces, and tonight I made a luscious, creamy cool pudding that's going to become a staple in my diet.

I used frozen mango chunks but any frozen fruit would work. You can also play with adding spices (I like cardamom with the mangos) and extracts (vanilla is great with berries and I love almond extract with cherries). You can do this without the fruit but it won't be as cool and thick. I've flavored the non-fruit mixes with everything from cocoa powder to instant espresso powder and cinnamon.

This recipe makes two servings, and can easily be doubled or tripled.

1/2 cup non-fat (0%) Greek Yogurt
1/2 cup silken tofu
1/2 cup frozen fruit
sweetener (agave, splenda or Truvia) to taste

Process the tofu,fruit and yogurt in the blender until smooth. (If it's too thick to blend, add some skim milk or plain Kefir.) Add the sweetener of your choice and process again. Makes 2 servings, 1 WW point per serving unless you use Agave.

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